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Cooking up something new to make the world more vibrant?

You have a big idea. To move it forward, you know you have to write beautiful texts that engage, inspire and move to action. A task that really needs to get done, yet somehow never makes it to the top of your list. We get it. So we're here to help you with that.


You need more time and energy to focus on what you do best.

Hypertext provides ready to be published texts for your German and Italian speaking audiences – with a special eye for the Swiss market.

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Find the words to take your elephants across the Alps.

Tell your story, expand your reach, and engage your community with premium content.

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Hypertext is a creative writing and translation studio based in Zurich, Switzerland. We build understanding among and between the Italian-speaking and the German-speaking communities. And art, culture, sustainability and innovation is our thing.

Because we are just as crazy about these topics as you are, we can jump right in and start saddling your elephants.

Happy clients

Martina Knecht is phenomenal. She brilliantly translated our texts from Italian into various languages (German, French and English) and even improved them with an honest critical spirit.


We particularly appreciated Martina's involvement not only on the technical, but also on the emotional level. 


It's great to collaborate with people who love their work!

Renato Gobbi, innkeeper, Albergo Ristorante Centovalli, Ponte Brolla

We have come to appreciate Martina Knecht as a serious, reliable and punctual professional. Her ability to respond to a wide range of situations was a great help in providing our guests with a quality museum experience. 


Martina's skills in dealing with visitors and her knowledge of the arts are a huge asset to our museum business and we believe they can be an asset to any other company. 


This is why we are happy to recommend Hypertext to anyone who values quality in their work.

Pierino Ghisla, art collector, Ghisla Art Collection, Locarno

Hypertext works professionally, respecting delivery terms and ensuring transparent and reliable invoicing.


Martina Knecht is a dedicated, reliable person whom we would like to recommend. Competent both in terms of content and language, thanks to her artistic training she has a deep understanding of the most complex texts, transferring them with confidence into the other language.


We receive many compliments for her translations, especially from our Italian-speaking audience.


Heyer Thurnheer, exhibition maker, OnArte, Minusio/Rotterdam