• Martina Knecht

About the Need to Cross the Alps

Updated: Oct 14

Or: How to Transform the Language Barrier in an Asset for your Brand

Sooner or later the moment comes. You will feel the urge to send your brainchild across borders because you want to grow your community and expand your reach. This is usually when you start thinking about translation.

How to go about it?

You could you it yourself, as you surely speak the other language. Or you could throw your text into a machine and have it translated in a nanosecond, for free. Oh wait, you could entrust your co-worker with the task, because her grand parents come from over there.

A no brainer, right?


Well, if you want to connect with your audience in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria or Liechtenstein, I mean really connect, on an emotional level, then you may better call your German and Italian language specialist. Like Hannibal guided his elephants across the Alps, overcoming the greatest of geographical barriers, I will help you to successfully bring your ideas to the other side. With texts that engage, inspire, and move to action.

German an Italian in the focus

My commitment lies in facilitating communication within and between the German-speaking and the Italian-speaking communities living North and South of the Alps. Let me tell you why: because I can.

  • As a certified translator and interpreter I have been transferring content across the Alps since 2005, when I founded my translation company.

  • I am a native German and Italian speaker coming from a Locarno-based Swiss-German family.

  • I lived in Italy for seven years, where I completed most of my studies and had my first job.

  • I have been living and working in Zurich since 2016.

Make your words sparkle

Short, I know how to read a language barrier when I see one and I know how to transform it in an asset by developing your brand's multilingual identity. You will benefit from insider knowledge of the conventions and market practices of multicultural Switzerland and the neighbouring countries. You will speak to your target audience in their native language, and most importantly give them the impression that your copy is developed locally.

Because you care.

And crappy translations just won't cut it.