Connect with your audience on an emotional level. 

Through exceptional written content and culturally sensitive communication.

This aim drives what we do and how we do it. Because not only do we want people to think, but we want them to feel and act too. 


Cross the Alps

...and your brand's multilingual identity becomes an asset.

Hypertext gives you that extra edge thanks to insider knowledge of the conventions and market practices of multicultural Switzerland, and over 15 years of experience in the editorial and translation business.

Cross to the south

How will you conquer the hearts of Italian-speaking Switzerland? By using the right words. And we just know which they are, because we are Swiss Italians. That's why our translations don't come over as translations at all, but as original texts, genuinely speaking to the people. Beautiful texts that engage, inspire and move to action. English / German / French / Spanish > Italian

Cross to the north

How will you conquer the hearts of German speaking Switzerland? Again, by using the right words. Which we can give you, because – yodel-ee-oo – we also are Swiss Germans. But you already guessed that. English / Italian / French / Spanish > German

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Pin down your why

Nail your vision, mission and values and get people excited about what you do.

Set your strategy

Figure out your destination and select the best channels to help you get there.

Grow your community

From websites and newsletters to articles and blogposts, create content that converts.

Share your impact

Share what you’ve achieved in an engaging press release, case study or report.

Expand your reach

Ready to scale? Translate and localise your content to attract new customers and supporters.


Let's take a bite out of your to-do-list.